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Farm school for children of primary and secondary school

The farm Vojon don’t carry out only agriculture and tourism, but also school farm, strictly connected with its reality.
The school farm is for children of the primary and secondary school. Classes are organized according to specific needs and age competence.

a) the morainian hills: on site study of the glacier
b) Why organic agriculture; how important is bio-diversity in nature
c) Alternative energies: an example of a holyday farm that uses exclusively sun, Earth and biomass

The morainian hills

The farm Vojon is located on a hill on the first round of the morainic cirque of Lake Garda, right behind Peschiera del Garda.
The school takes place during a walk among vineyards, olive trees and woods; by observing from particularly interesting perspective, it is possible to see the movement of the glacier, that formed the “fold”; also it is possible to see how wind, water and human intervention formed the landscape.
The meaning of tributary and distributary, the search for witnesses: erratic blocks; the mild microclimate of the area surrounding Lake Garda.
The school is for children of upper elementary school classes, since it deals with geography.

The organic agriculture

Conventional and organic agriculture: what do we buy at shops and how to recognize the origin of food; European rules.
A walk through the vineyards and olive trees, discovering organic agriculture and observing the difference with other conventional farming
The great importance of biodiversity in nature as natural defense of the environment
This school activity is for upper elementary school classes, secondary school and students of low high schools

Alternative energies

Let’s see what nature gives us for our well-being: sun, earth, wind and biomass.
We discover other still unknown non conventional energies, we visit the experimental plant, perfectly integrated.
It’s very interesting to re-build with the children, the history of exploitation of natural resources: from coal to nuclear. We teach with maieutic method and students have fun, because they discover by themselves how much they know. We learn the history of exploitation of energies.
This school activity is for upper elementary school classes, secondary school and students of low high schools.
According to the season and to the main topics, it is possible to offer other school activities:
– Traditional grape harvest and pressing, visit to the cellar
– Let’s bake bread
– Let’s collect fruit and prepare jam
This school is suitable for children of any age
Usually school activities are accorded with teachers and can last one entire day (with lunch) or half a day.
Half day fee: € 5,00
Full day fee: € 10,00
Lunch: € 12,00

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